Polish ornamental sector heavily impacted by COVID-19

The Polish ornamental flower sector was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially flower bulbs producers, mainly tulip producers, were affected. The peak of tulip sales in Poland is recorded in March and April. The lockdown introduced by the Polish government in March caused the greatest financial losses for most of them.

Several Polish flower producers were asked by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to share their views on the Covid-19 situation on the Polish market and the influence of it on their production. The focus lied on the future of production. It turned out that the pandemic had limited influence on their future plans.

Limited import

All growers report 70 – 80% decline in sale and market orders in March. The following months turned out to be difficult for flowers but less drastic. The prevailing restrictions on the organization of large celebrations like weddings reduced the demand for cut flowers but the limited import from abroad limit the availability of flowers and kept the price level and in some cases caused increase in prices to stay on the market.

Polish growers are used to changes

Growers appreciate and used the support provided by the Polish government. But they stressed it was too low to cover their losses or to help keep the liquidity of the company. Nevertheless, the majority of producers confirms, that they intend to continue their production at their current level and some plan to reduce it by 5-10%.

However, all interviewed producers admit, that they do not lack the optimism and strength to make every effort in the production during the current crisis. Growing flowers has been their passion and lifestyle for generations. Their long experience allows them to face difficulties and take on new challenges. They are convinced, that thanks to their own activity and close cooperation with the flower sector, they will be able to ensure the stable functioning and development of the company.

Many challenges

Polish growers are used to changes and faced many challenges before. Therefore they see the pandemic only as one more. Especially as it hit all of them at once. On the other side they saw the lack of import not as a sudden opportunity for them, but again more as a temporary change that won’t have any major impact on their strategic decisions for the next season.

Detailed information on the influence of the Sars-Cov2 virus on the floral production in Poland can be found here.

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