Production and markets outside Europe forecasted

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has published a report about future ornamental production and markets in several countries outside Europe.

The report presents data, analysis and forecasts for production and markets in the following countries: China and USA (mature domestic producers), Colombia, Ecuador and Kenya (emerging exporting producers), Brazil, Mexico, Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia (emerging domestic producers).

Consumer buying behavior is changing worldwide. Different purchasing decisions are likely to impact markets for ornamental products. Therefore a change in production and demand is inevitable, according to the AIPH.

Next report Chinese production

The report is the second of the International Vision Project that sets out a forecast for the global ornamental industry until 2030. Last January the first report entitled ’Ornamental Horticulture, A Growing Industry?’ was published. At the AIPH Annual Congress and World Ornamental Horticulture Summit, from 9 till 14 September in Beijing, a third report will be presented about emerging domestic producers in China.

Click here to download the first and second report.

Photo by Arno Engels

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