QR code new tool for auction presale in Holambra

Buyers at Veiling Holambra can now buy plants and flowers via auction presale during viewing, by reading a QR code with an app on their mobile phones. The Brazilian auction got the idea from the Belgian Agora Group.

Veiling Holambra employees assign a QR code to each consignment of plants and flowers arriving at the Brazilian auction from the growers. The code is printed on a receipt, which is attached to the trolley. During the viewing, buyers can use the auction-presale app to read the QR codes. This gives them direct access to all the information about a particular consignment, including price information.


Buyers can subsequently also purchase plants and flowers via the app. It was already possible for customers to make auction-presale purchases via the internet portal and the general auction app – plants per layer and flowers per container.

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