RFH fraudster sentenced to imprisonment plus full repayment

Mohammed G.M., the Royal FloraHolland employee who stole at least €4.3 million from his employer, must repay the auction the full amount. He has also been sentenced to three years imprisonment, of which one year suspended with a three-year probationary period.

The sanction that has been imposed on Mohammed G.M. is in accordance with the sentence requested by the prosecutor. The court found Mohammed G.M. guilty of fraud and money laundering. During a period of nine months, he managed to transfer 4,381,349 euros to his own account through a number of fraudulent acts. He subsequently transferred the money to other bank accounts and used it for gambling.

Compulsory treatment

Mohammed G.M.’s suspended prison sentence comes with certain special conditions, including compulsory treatment for his gambling addiction and a prohibition to take part in any gambling. Furthermore, Mohammed G.M. must cooperate with the Public Prosecution Service to ensure that any funds he has in gambling accounts will be transferred to Royal FloraHolland.

The court agreed with the prosecutor that not only the large cost of fraud had to be taken into account, but also the cunningness (several fraudulent acts), the intensity (a total of 82 money transfers) and the perseverance (there were numerous occasions on which the suspect could have repented) throughout the fraud period. The suspect was also found guilty of money laundering during the same period, by using the stolen money to gamble and repay his debts. Considering all these aspects, the court agreed the allegation was severe.


Royal FloraHolland’s spokesman, Michel van Schie, is satisfied with the verdict. He feels it’s positive that the court ruled in line with the sentence requested by the public prosecutor. “The fact that the court found proof for fraud and money laundering shows that this was more than theft. Our claim was fully awarded as well. The suspect is fully responsible. There were no mitigating circumstances, apart from the fact that he had no criminal record and that he confessed.”

Mohammed G.M.’s lawyer, Sidney Smeets, has been in touch with his client following the ruling, but couldn’t share any further comments. “We’re still contemplating.” Mohammed G.M. has two weeks to appeal against the sentence imposed by the court of The Hague.”

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