’Russians don’t like translators’

    Markets in Eastern Europe are growing for ornamental crops, says Adam Wazynski, but you need to know your language in that area.

    Wazynski speaks for example Russian, which certainly helps in the export to Russia. „One of the most important things in that export is: Russians do not like translators”, said the Polish nurseryman at the IPM tradeshow end of January in Germany.

    For Polish people it is easy to learn the Russian language, according to Wazynski. „Because the language is quite similar to our language. But the words are different.”

    At the IPM Wazynski have spoken to several Russian customers, but not more Russians than in previous years, he thought. „It’s about the same.”

    ’No knowledge in Kazakhstan to grow on’

    His sales of ornamental plants (mainly conifers and shrubs) are growing in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan for example. To this former Soviet state he mainly exports finished products. „Because in Kazakhstan they don’t have the knowledge and technology to grow on plants.”

    Picture: Arno Engels

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