Floribusiness Sales via FloraHolland increased after the summer holidays

    Sales via FloraHolland increased after the summer holidays


    The turnover growers realized via FloraHolland increased by 4% after the summer holidays. This is a little more than the summer of 2016. Both the supply and the demand for flowers increased slightly. This caused the average price level to rise by nearly 3%.

    The holidays start winding down between 14 August and 8 September (period 9). At the same time, the sales chain is again filled with products that are more heavily in demand after a quiet period.

    • Kalanchoe Grandiva serie van kwekerij Jan van Luijk, kwekerij de Veranda en kwekerij Olsthoorn is een grootbloemige Calandiva. Hij is beschikbaar in de potmaten 8, 9 en 15 cm. De plant is per direct leverbaar.

    The turnover between 1 January 2017 and period 9 grew by 1.3%. Given that there are no public holidays in the next few weeks, the expectation is that the supply and the pricing will continue to grow at the level of period 9.

    Direct flows

    The share of direct flows has further increased both for cut flowers and plants. For cut flowers, the share increased by 1.4% points to 32%. For indoor plants, the share increased by 1.6% points to 79.3%. For garden plants, the share of the direct flows increased by 4.3% to 64.2%.

    At product level, the share of the direct flows for all products is becoming increasingly more important, and the share of the direct flows is also increasing in relatively quiet sales periods.

    Cut flowers

    The turnover of cut flowers increased by nearly 5%. The supply grew by 1% and the average pricing by 4%. Lilies, hortensias and gerberas in particular were paid better than one year ago. The pricing of spray chrysanthemums was comparable to last year. The pricing of roses was slighter lower than in 2016.


    The turnover of indoor plants increased by 2% as the supply increased by 2%. The average pricing thus remained unchanged. The differences per product were negligible. Pot chrysanthemums and kalanchoe were slightly cheaper and moth orchids were slightly more expensive.

    The turnover of garden plants increased by 8%. This was due to the equal division of 4% more supply and an average pricing of 4% higher than in 2016. The supply of seasonal products such as heather and gaultheria in particular increased and the supply of violets once again increased. The pricing of these seasonal products is positive.

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