Salon du Végétal moves again to another month

    After two trade shows held in June in Nantes, next year the Salon du Végétal will move again to another month.

    In 2019 the leading French trade show for ornamental products will be organized from Tuesday 10 until Thursday 12 September. According to French trade organizations that support the Salon du Végétal, September fits best to requirements and actions of professionals.

    From the start in 1981 the Salon was held every February in Angers. Last year the show moved to June in Nantes, because the location in Angers became too small over the years, and because June would be a better month for trading in ornamental plants (the same reason why the HTA National Plant Show in England is held in June).

    Last year and this year exhibitors and visitors got used to the different month and location. However, temperature rose to 40°C during the Salon in 2017. And this year (click here for a pictorial report) it was warm again, around 30°C.

    Picture: Arno Engels

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