Second edition Wim Hazelaar Trophy on IFTF Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands

    The organisation of the Wim Hazelaar Trophy is inviting international florists, floral arrangers and floral artists to register for the competition. In total 12 participants can enter the competition, which comprises of 7 assignments in two days (8 and 9 November 2017).

    Preparation in advance is not required, as the participants will work with products, made available by the organisers. To work with only available products was the prime competence of the late Wim Hazelaar.

    As a participant in the competition you have to show your qualities to the international visitors and you will be judged by high quality floral judges. The Wim Hazelaar Trophy is integrated in the World of Flowers. The World of Flowers offers competition, inspiration, concepts, workshops, presentation and connection to new (floral) developments. And you can be part of this! For more information:

    The first edition was held in November 2016. Karin Pasman received the Mobach Wim Hazelaar Trophy out of the hands of Ruud Hazelaar. She was the first winner of the competition, organised during the International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair. The question is who will be her successor, as the second edition is organised within the World of Flowers (8-10 November 2017).

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