Suriname wants to grow orchids

    One orchid expert already hinted it ten years ago: Suriname has the potential to become a high-quality orchid production country. The Association of Surinamese Orchids and Floriculture (SOSV) said something similar last weekend. According to chairperson Ireen Struiken-Zeeuw in an article in the Surinamese newspaper De Ware Tijd, Suriname still imports lots of flowers, while they could also set up their own orchid production.

    There are lots of wild orchids in Suriname, but those flowers are neglected or considered weeds. If Surinamese growers got training and funding from the government, they would be able to grow orchids themselves, reducing the need for flower imports. Orchid expert Murray de La Fuente already sent that same message in 2007, during a flower exhibition in Paramaribo.

    SOSV chairperson Struiken-Zeeuw confirmed last weekend at a 3-day floricultural fair held in the Cultuurtuin in Paramaribo, that Suriname has the potential to grow all the flowers they need for their domestic market. “Start small and you might develop into a large company.” She feels that the country still imports lots of flowers, while they don’t really need to.

    Rose cultivation
    The Surinamese Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has actually been saying for many years, that the country should become less dependent on imports. Minister Soeresh Algoe said during a visit to rose nursery Surigreen in 2014, that people don’t realise what floriculture can do for Suriname. He feels that Suriname should start with trying to supply the domestic market and that flower exports could be the next step.

    SOSV will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year and has approximately 80 members. The organisation wants to increase its PR activities regarding flower cultivation the coming time. This will include talks and meetings to inform and stimulate entrepreneurs to start a business in the floricultural industry.

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