Ter Laak Orchids leaves Decorum to start its own brand

After 19 years, Ter Laak Orchids and Decorum are parting ways. From this year, Ter Laak will be selling their phalaenopsis under the new brand name Mimesis. With this brand, Eduard ter Laak wants to respond to the changing market and move more in the direction of experience and emotion. “The aim of Mimesis is to present the consumer with something truly beautiful.”

Ter Laak Orchids from Wateringen was one of the very first growers to join Decorum. Last year, they decided to cancel their membership. “We’re a large party and we were in the management board as well as in several working groups. We realised that our decision would have an impact on Decorum. That’s why we told them about our plans a year in advance”, explains Eduard ter Laak.

Ter Laak has grown significantly during the past few years. Their production numbers increased, and they invested heavily in the development of their own organisation. “We attracted more knowledge in the fields of data, marketing and ICT. We can do more on our own now.” (..)

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