The British really want to increase their self-sufficiency

The greenhouse horticulture sector in the United Kingdom (UK) has been growing steadily. The acreage is still marginal, but it’s expected to grow further thanks to Brexit as well as incentives offered by the British government. There seems to be one obstacle though: labour. The government has tightened the regulations for migrant workers. “Eastern Europeans aren’t jumping up and down to work here, when they can find work in Germany or the Netherlands as well.”

97% of the agricultural land in the United Kingdom is used for crop cultivation and livestock farming. Horticulture accounts for no more than 1% of the total acreage of agricultural land. That 1% includes less than 2,800 ha of greenhouse horticulture. 450 ha of this is used by plant and flower growers. Tim Heddema, agricultural counsellor in the UK, described the marginal role of greenhouse horticulture in the UK during an episode of Jungle Talks on Paprika Tasty Radio.

Heddema said that things already started to change around ten years ago. The acreage of greenhouse horticulture has been growing steadily in the UK. “Horticulture used to be something for hobbyists in England. But in recent years, there’s been more of a focus on efficiency, and productivity has increased.”


Heddema believes that the acreage of greenhouse horticulture in the UK will continue to grow. Partially because of Brexit, (..)

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