‘The Dutch and the Polish still need to build more trust’

Dutch exports to Poland have been going up since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Eastern European country is the 4th largest export country for plants and flowers from the Netherlands. However, few Dutch growers have taken the step to set up production in Poland so far.

Poland has been thriving the past few years. Since they joined the European Union (EU) almost 17 years ago, the country has been developing rapidly. It’s a modern country, especially the cities. The middle class is growing, and the Polish are building the EU’s tallest skyscrapers in Warsaw.

Agricultural Counsellor Caroline Spaans speaks about the Polish economy during a recent episode of Jungle Talks on Paprika Tasty radio. The roughly 37 million inhabitants of Poland have become an increasingly important market for Dutch plant and flower sales. In 2020, Poland was the fourth largest export country for plants and flowers with a value of €284 million. That put Poland ahead of Belgium and Italy.

Service level

Kees van Rijn has been running Bart Kwiaty in Poznan, a hub of Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants from Naaldwijk, since 1996. Eight lorries supply wholesalers throughout Poland from their 1-ha warehouse. Van Rijn explains that Polish importers and Dutch exporters looking for customers within the wholesale market are Bart Kwiaty’s main competitors.(..)

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