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The new edition of Floribusiness pays a lot of attention to the horticultural fairs that could be held. In addition, it focuses on energy prices and labour. Many horticultural countries are facing high energy prices and labour shortages. At Royal FloraHolland, for example, office staff is regularly being deployed to the work floor to fill the gaps in the auction’s distribution chain.

Countries like the US, Canada and France have set their hopes on increased use of technology in horticulture. It is this technology that should spark young people’s interest in pursuing horticultural training and working in the sector.

Labour and energy use (in greenhouses) may be less pressing issues in African and South American countries. They have their own problems, however, such as transport, also caused by the high energy prices. Air freight remains expensive, at least from Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia whereas the rates in Ethiopia are still the same as before Covid. While Ecuador and Colombia have already made a major shift to sea shipping, Kenya is struggling heavily to turn ocean transport into a reliable service, as research by Hortiwise shows.

You can read all about the latest developments in floriculture in the new Floribusiness magazine.

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