The VGB clashes with Royal FloraHolland

The VGB and Royal FloraHolland (RFH) are in a disagreement. The Dutch branch association for plant and flower wholesalers wants clarity on the rules, regulations and pricing of Floriday, Floriway and Floripay. “We don’t mind competition, but we do mind unfair competition”, says VGB chairman Cees van der Meij. The management of RFH proposed independent mediation.

“It’s certainly kept me up at night and not because I was overexcited”, said Cees van der Meij during an interview with De Bloemisterij on the 21st of April. The chairman of the VGB didn’t want to share too much at the time, when asked how he felt about RFH’s CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde’s response to the VGB report ‘Een reikende hand’ (A helping hand). He still had to discuss the topic internally with the management of the VGB.

But last week, it became clear that the other board members shared Van der Meij’s lack of enthusiasm. On Tuesday 11 May, Van der Meij and VGB director Matthijs Mesken sent a letter to Van Schilfgaarde. In it, the VGB is asking for clarification on Floriday, Foriway, Floripay, the future of the auction clock and how the auction is planning to improve its logistical services. (..)

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