Floribusiness Blogs ‘True leaderschip is missing in our sector’

‘True leaderschip is missing in our sector’


Good to Great is the intriguing title of Jim Collins’ bestseller from the beginning of this century. The book contains a few important points that can help companies grow from good to great. A few things mentioned in the book inspired, and continue to inspire, me and I think that they’re also applicable to our sector.

The most important point is servant leadership. I sometimes feel that there are places within our sector where true leadership is missing. Personal interests and/or business interests often get in the way of sector interests. Is our industry doing well? Yes, in many ways it is. But there’s always room to improve. We could prepare better for the future. But that requires talented people, as well as a central focus on a positive and distinctive employer image.

When I give company tours and presentations to students or professionals from other sectors, I often notice how enthusiastically people respond once they get to know us. But we will have to introduce ourselves. With its down-to-earth attitude, professional approach, international dynamics, and beautiful products, our sector offers opportunities for employees to develop. Whether it’s in the trade, cultivation or sales of plants and flowers, there are plenty of opportunities.

Collins’ book also touches on an effective defensive method for businesses and sectors. It’s a simple recipe: keep doing what you’re good at. And ask yourself: where’s your passion, what’s your focus, have you got a clear strategy? And that’s where you can find the tipping point from good to great.

If we approached our business from that angle, it would create opportunities for all parties in the chain. We can accelerate the development by working together even more closely, guided by a strong leadership from the trade, from growers and from the Royal FloraHolland marketplace.

The above mentioned focus, as well as the use of technology and digitalisation, will definitely help. We’re going to put a strong focus on this the next couple of years.
I’d like to continue developing our sector together and work towards a great future. You too?

Marco van Zijverden,

CEO Dutch Flower Group

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