Veiling Holambra is preparing for the future

The peak of Mother’s Day is about to start and we’re all ready for it. Most pot plant growers have already sold the desired quantities two months ago. At our cooperative Veiling Holambra, we’ve just received the newly purchased trolleys and containers, so we’re all prepared for the big logistics flows. Ready for the most important period of the year to start and our expectations are high.

However, Mother’s Day isn’t the most important topic of discussion during our meetings at the moment. Our management is currently much more focussed on the upcoming election for new board members. In 2020, Veiling Holambra is going to switch from a system of electing board members once every four years, to a system of annual elections during which people vote for one or two positions.

This is very similar to the system we have in Netherlands. The advantage is a more gradual renewal of the management board. It provides more continuity. Potential new board members get a chance to stand for election each year. We’re all set for the new system.

This system is new for all cooperatives in Brazil, and it’s been very well received by the Cooperative Council and other cooperatives. Although many of them aren’t quite ready for it. Veiling Holambra’s current chairman of the board is our fifth in 29 years, but there are also cooperatives whose current chairman is their second in 50 years.

In addition to the new system, the board of management is also busy with the effective follow-up and rejuvenation of the current board. Many board members have been involved in the cooperative from Veiling Holambra’s start 29 years ago. During the initial years, this continuity was essential in order to build up the cooperative and survive in the market. Many board members were around thirty years old when they started. They’re in their late fifties now and ready to give up their place to the younger generation.

Many of the younger people respond with doubts, though. They’ve only just started with their companies. A board membership is coming a bit too early. Another thing that’s stopping people, is that they think that a board membership is going to be very time consuming. But that’s not necessarily true. Our current chairman for example, spends around one day per week on his tasks. So, it’s important to explain what’s involved and how much time a board membership would take up.

The process of follow-up is in full swing and I’m sure it will all work out fine. The topic is getting sufficient attention, and there are definitely some very good new board members among our 400 members. It’s keeping everyone busy, that’s for sure. A good thing!

André van Kruijssen,

CEO Veiling Holambra


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