‘We should use each other’s strengths, not outwit each other.’

GreenTech aims to be the biggest horticulture technology event in the world. The new GreenTech Community, where growers and suppliers will be able to find information year round, will play a significant role in this. ‘We are trying to forge as many connections as possible,’ explains Ms Mariska Dreschler, Events Manager of the trade show that will be held from 14 to 16 June in the RAI in Amsterdam.

Do you expect a lot of interest in GreenTech 2016?
‘In 2014, we proved that the event could deliver. The focus on technology appears to be a good choice. The visitor’s feedback was positive too. I’ve noticed that the economy is improving, something I’ve heard from companies in the United States and Asia, but fortunately also from companies in Europe and the Netherlands. That gives businesses more space to invest, for example, in an event such as GreenTech. The number of exhibitors participating in our event has increased by 25% compared with 2014.’

What is GreenTech’s main ambition?‘To become the biggest trade show in the field of horticultural technology in the world. That doesn’t have to be in Amsterdam; it could be in the United States although I do see it happening in the Netherlands.’

Is there such a significant demand for an international horticultural event in the Netherlands?We have recently had some research carried out on this subject. Exhibitors and visitors think the Netherlands needs a platform for horticultural technology. GreenTech will be a suitable medium for this. There’s no place in the world where you’ll find so many innovative, internationally oriented suppliers and greenhouse builders in one place. And don’t forget FlowerTrials; fifty companies that work with the latest technological innovations for optimising crop growth are opening their doors. That gives visitors an additional reason to travel, which is why we are organising GreenTech in the second week of June.’

So, you are not in competition with FlowerTrials?
‘You should use each other’s strengths, not outwit each other. Together, we offer a unique combination with a lot of added value.’

GreenTech is held once every two years. Is that often enough?
‘That’s what the exhibitors ask for. In the meantime, we keep in touch through the GreenTech Community. That’s an extension of the event, a place where growers and suppliers can find information about horticulture and innovations throughout the year. We offer a platform where experiences, studies, articles and presentations are shared amongst colleagues. Some articles are specifically written for this medium; others were already in existence. The GreenTech Community is still in the start-up phase. We will put a lot more time and energy into this and turn the platform into a powerful medium. Once every two years, everyone will gather at GreenTech to haul in the catch.’