‘We’ll be facing a loss of 5 to 10 million euros, just like last year’

Keukenhof opened virtually last Saturday, the 20th of March. “Unfortunately, visitors can’t come to Keukenhof in person yet”, said director Bart Siemerink. The attraction had to be reduced to a park this year, where a limited number of visitors will be able to walk around in a safe and controlled way. The pavilions for indoor shows are all closed. “We’re still talking with the growers and breeders of those plants and flowers to see what’s possible this year.”

What is possible this year?

“We can open virtually at least. We’re showing the world how beautiful the park is via videos posted on online media twice a week. Dutch broadcasting company MAX and international TV broadcasters like BBC and ZDF will also be filming in Lisse, just like last year. We’re doing everything we can to bring the beautiful, colourful images of our park to people. That’s welcome in these uncertain times. Flowers symbolise joy and emotion.”

Do you think you’ll be able to welcome any physical visitors?


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