‘We’ve got to start serving markets outside Europe, from Africa and South America’

I’ve been reading some interesting opinions regarding strengthening the clock in Het Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij lately. Many different suggestions were made. I am glad that the discussion is getting input from the growers’ side.

Personally, I believe that what the clock needs most of all is more supply from both Dutch and international growers, who should be able to count on an optimal price. There’s still a lot to be gained with the latter group.

Our African members are very clock minded, but growers from South America for example, mostly opt for direct sales. We should show them that the clock is an attractive tool which can provide a good income.

There’s an important role in this for Floriday, as a global, digital marketplace where growers can easily offer their products. That’s why we’re working hard on the international roll-out of Floriday. It will only be successful though, if we manage to develop all associated services too, both at a logistic, financial and commercial level.

If the Netherlands wants to keep its leading role in the global floricultural industry, we’ve got to start serving markets outside Europe, from Africa and South America. There’s no lack of supply or demand in these countries. If there’s anyone who can bring the two together, it’s us.

Even if Asia is in totally different time zones, the clock can still play a crucial role. As long as we’re able to deliver the produce quickly. And that won’t be a problem if, in addition to making the supply digitally accessible, we connect it to a wide range of distribution channels.

This strategy, combined with the decades of experience that our sector has with logistics, puts us in an excellent position to take a large share of the floricultural industry’s global growth. Without ignoring the growth markets closer to home. There’s still a lot to gain for our sector in Eastern Europe for example, and even the German market still has more potential, both with growers and the trade.

Let’s join forces and explore the many opportunities that lie ahead together. Collaboration has always been the strength of our sector, it’s how we achieved our worldwide leading position. Thanks to that, and of course, thanks to the strength of the clock.

Steven van Schilfgaarde

CEO Royal FloraHolland.

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