Floribusiness What the new CC label means for the industry

    What the new CC label means for the industry


    Container Centralen has planned the next new label for CC trolleys, but what does this operation mean for growers, traders and other users of those trolleys?

    According to Barto Cleton of CC, the fifth label does not involve any other way of working. CC TAG 5 as CC calls it, is another operation because all 20,000 customers in Europe receive new labels for all their CC trolleys in their CC contract. There are 3.5 million CC trolleys in the industry.

    All CC customers will receive the new labels by the end of this year, along with instructions. „We advise to attach the new label next to the current red label”, says Cleton. The new label has a different color, but which color remains a secret until the operation. „To prevent them from being copied.”

    Is there still fraud with CC trolleys? „There are still CC trolleys in the industry for which no pool fee is paid”, Cleton replies. Once every few years a new label is necessary for various reasons. „False labels are one reason. In addition there is, for example, a loss of trolleys. Trolleys that are at the back of a garden centre and are taken out by a wrong user. Or trolleys are lost as a result of bankruptcy in the supply chain.”

    ’Not enough support for steel shelves’

    What’s the situation with steel shelves called CC Solid? „We found out there was insufficient support for now to introduce CC Solid on the market. We have asked several companies and organizations for their opinions”, says Cleton. „We still have the technique for the design; we are still looking at ways to use it.”

    CC will continue with a repair quota for wooden shelves. Initially 100% of the shelves were repaired under contract, but because also other shelves were offered for repair, CC introduced this year a limit of 40%. Next year, the quota will decrease further to 20%. „It already leads to more attention for the quality of received shelves. And to more CC shelves that customers have under contract, so that’s good.”


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