Winners GreenTech Innovation Awards 2021 announced

The winners of the GreenTech Innovation Awards were announced at the opening of GreenTech Live & Online. The winners out of a total of 20 entries are: Corvus drones BV with Corvus Drones in the category ‘Concept’ and Van Iperen International with GreenSwitch Original in the category ‘Innovation’.

Chairwoman Liselotte de Vries (TU Delft AgTech Institute) explains: “The winners teamed up with other expert partners and have a system approach, which is key for future circularity and upcycling solutions to hold commercially and to drive meaningful impact. It’s a strength that they do not look at the greenhouse industry in isolation.”

Category winners

Category Concept: Corvus drones BV with Corvus Drones

Product description: The drone is a fully automatic flying drone in horticulture greenhouses for crop monitoring purposes. Unique is the automatic navigation based on visual odometry software (GPS signals are too weak to use in a greenhouse). Seed germination, usable plants and leaf area measurement are the first applications.

Category Innovation: Van Iperen International with GreenSwitch Original

Product description: GreenSwitch® Original is the first Nitrate fertilizer from organic source. It is a pure, crystal clear liquid formulation suitable for high-tech greenhouses and any open field fertigation or foliar application in fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

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