Floribusiness Market & Trends ’With millions of plants you have to be stress resistant’

’With millions of plants you have to be stress resistant’


What’s it like to be young and taking over a company that packages 15 million plants for discounters, supermarkets and DIY-stores each year? Sander Thijssen (34) from Eurogreen International explains it.

Over the last few years, Thijssen (34) took over Eurogreen International together with his brothers John (35) and Joris (30). This trading and packaging company in the Netherlands supplies nursery products to discounters, supermarkets and DIY-stores across Europe. ’In our busiest week we ship 1.5 million plants’, says Thijssen. ’Then you have to be stress resistant and your company has to be well organized.’

How does this young business owner stay cool in such a situation? How is the company organized, in terms of purchasing and final processing? Read it all in our new digital magazine.

Photo by Arno Engels

Arno Engels
Since 2000 Arno Engels has been editor of De Boomkwekerij, Dutch magazine for hardy nursery stock. Since 2018 he is also Floribusiness editor.

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