Xylella discovered in Dutch office

    For the first time Xylella fastidiosa has been discovered in the Netherlands. An inspector from Dutch phytosanitary service NVWA found the quarantine bacterial disease in an office.

    The NVWA reports the inspector was in the office, in Noordwijkerhout near the coast, for administrative processing. He noticed fallen and yellow leafs, partly with necrosis, in one Coffea plant.

    The infected Coffea in the quarantaine greenhouse of Dutch agency NVWA.

    Already nine years in office

    The infected plant was sealed and taken to NVWA’s quarantine-greenhouse. The agency found no leads to possible further spreading of the bacterium, neither in the office. The Coffea was already for nine years standing in the office. Therefore the NVWA didn’t take additional measurements in the area according to EU regulations.

    One month ago, end of September, Xylella was also for the first time discovered in Belgium, at a wholesale company in olive trees imported from Spain. Tracking and tracing of all olive trees from the same Spanish company is still not finished, according to Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food.

    Photo: NVWA

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