Jungle Talks to the World visits Colombia

    Jungle Talks to the World visits Colombia this week and the next. Colombia is a leading player in floriculture. The country is the second biggest producer of cut flowers in the world. Colombia accounts for some 75% of cut flower consumption in North America. What’s the secret of Colombia’s success and what does the future bring to this horticultural hot spot?

    Consolidation is the name of the game in Colombia. In 2014 there was only one company with 1000 ha of greenhouses, now there are four. Those companies control the chain (except for the retail). It is a situation that is unimaginable in a country like the Netherlands, but a reality in Colombia. What can we learn from the Colombians?

    Furthermore, what else is happening in Colombia besides cut flower production? Is vegetable production in greenhouses already gaining momentum? And if so, what opportunities does this bring along? What about sustainability in Colombian horticulture? And not to forget, what are the latest developments in the field of logistics. Air freight is very well developed, but sea freight is strongly on the rise.

    Agricultural Counsellor in Bogota, Patricia de Vries – van Loon, will share her vision on Colombia followed by entrepreneurs Alejandro Saenz (Saenz Fety), Sofia Herrera (Jardines de los Andes) and Willum van den Hoogen (Florius International).

    On Thursday June 17, at 16.00 hrs the fours guests to the show will introduce themselves and discuss the current situation in horticulture in Colombia. One week later they will discuss four relevant themes that are important for the future of the sector in this Latin American country. Jungle Talks to the world will be broadcasted at at www.paprikatastyradio.nl.

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