Winners GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020 announced

    The winners of the GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020 were announced at the virtual opening of GreenTech Live & Online. The winners in 3 categories – out of a total of 26 entries – of the GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020 are: ISO Grade 8000 by ISO Group, Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis by Van der Ende Groep and CELINE by CE-Line BV.

    Chairwoman Liselotte de Vries (TU Delft AgTech Institute) explains: “The 3 winning innovations looked beyond their own organization and clearly illustrated how their innovation is expected to disrupt the entire chain. The presentations and statements were backed up with numbers/figures. Working with partners was also a parameter that helped the winners to higher grades. The winners introduced a new approach or concept, while others improved existing practices”.

    Category winners

    Category Innovation: ISO Group with the product ISO Grade 8000.

    The ISO Grade 8000 is a machine that is able to sort young plants based on Artificial Intelligence and 3D imaging. With the newest techniques in AI the grower is able to sort on a lot of different characteristics of the plant which makes the sorting process way more accurate and with the unique gripper technique it is possible to pick up young plants and replace them in an empty tray.


    Category Sustainability: Van der Ende Groep with the product Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis.

    The Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) is a water desalination system that uses less energy and gives a higher recovery rate than a conventional RO system, using smart machining technology. It makes use of the water source in a more efficient and responsible way, resulting in lower consumption of raw water and less waste water.

    Category Concept: CE-Line BV with the product CELIN.

    The irrigation water can be adjusted as wanted. All nutrients are measured continuously, real-time, with CELINE. This real-time data, combined with an individual nutrient dosing system makes it possible to create the ideal irrigation water which is always stable and controllable, no matter the circumstances. 5% yield increase Improved crop quality Reduces water and fertilizers Remote control.



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