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Emsflower exports first cuttings from its own location in Ethiopia

At the beginning of this year, Emsflower from Emsbüren, Germany, started building its own cutting location in Ethiopia: Zuqualla Horti PLC. Last week, the...

Dümmen Orange transfers production of roses in Ethiopia to AQ Roses

Breeder Dümmen Orange has sold its production location in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, to AQ Roses. Dümmen Orange is thus saying goodbye to the production...

Daily life is being picked up in Ethiopia

Daily life is being picked up in Ethiopia after the riots last week, which left over more than 166 people dead. Nurseries are also...

Ethiopian farms close due to chaos after murder

In response to the shooting of protest singer and activist Hachalu Hundessa, chaos has swept across much of Ethiopia. Due to roadblocks, riots and...

New 500-ha large state-of-the-art project in Ethiopia

Five entrepreneurs are going to develop a new horticultural area in the Ethiopian region of Kunzila. They’re planning a 500-ha large, state-of-the-art project that...

Ethiopian growers flee nurseries because of riots

Large protests broke out in the Ethiopian region of Oromiya a few days ago. Growers fled their nurseries as a precaution. Rebels invaded several...

HortiFlora Expo, Ethiopia is coming up

In a little more than two months the next edition of the international horticulture trade fair “HortiFlora Expo” will be held in the capital...

Things have calmed down in Ethiopia

On Friday, all subscribers to Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij will have the first ever Floribusiness magazine delivered to them. This special edition is an...

Militant young people resist horticultural companies in Ethiopia

With the arrival of a new prime minister last March, it seemed like calm had been restored in Ethiopia. However, the resistance against foreign...

General strike hits flower production in Ziway, Ethiopia

There’s been a general strike in Ethiopia since Friday. Work at the flower farms in Ziway also came to a halt for three days....

Richard Fox: “Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Ecuador are key players”

Richard Fox, Director Sustainability with Flamingo Horticulture, among other things, is the new chairman of Union Fleurs, organisation for the international plant and flower...

State of emergency brings stability for nurseries in Ethiopia

After last week’s strikes at nurseries in the Oromia region, things have calmed down again in Ethiopia. The government has declared a State of...

HortiFlora Expo in Ethiopia much more diversified

In a little more than a month the 7th edition of the international horticulture trade fair 'HortiFlora Expo Ethiopia' will take place in Addis...

Seventh HortiFlora in calm Ethiopia

HPP Exhibitions is busy preparing for the next horticultural trade fair in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia next March. The previous edition of HortiFlora Expo...

Demand for horticultural site Ethiopia exceeds supply

A 500-ha plot of horticultural land to be developed near Bahir Dar, is attracting a lot of interest. Dutch growers who already have a...

Frank Ammerlaan: ‘Ethiopia is still Africa of course – nothing is easy’

Why did you decide to go to Ethiopia?“After we’d completed our studies in Business Administration and Plant Sciences respectively, my brother Wim and myself...

Floriculture trade fair Ethiopia postponed until next year

The Hortiflora Expo, which HPP Exhibitions was going to organise in March, has been postponed until 2018. Organiser Dick van Raamsdonk said that there...

Development of new horticultural area in Ethiopia


Ethiopia wants to double its agricultural production. The Netherlands support the Ethiopian government. The current focus is on the integrated development of a new horticultural and floricultural area north of Hawassa. In the meantime, the Dutch embassy is having a critical dialogue with Ethiopia and helping the Ethiopian government to start a conversation with its discontented population.

‘It would be much too risky to continue our activities in Ethiopia’


2016 has been a very tough year for Esmeralda Farms. Last June, Peter Ullrich, founder and driving force behind one of the largest floricultural companies in the world, passed away. In August, their farm in Ethiopia was attacked by rebels. Present owner Clarisse Ullrich decided subsequently that Esmeralda would cease their activities in Africa. And the office in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, was shut down as well. In the beginning of December, Clarisse Ullrich tells us her story. “What would you do? We lost millions in Ethiopia. Would you invest another couple million to repair the damage, knowing that the same thing might happen again? Probably not!”