Verdel Groep joins FM Group

    From this year onwards, FM Group and Verdel Groep will work together. FM Group, which also includes FleuraMetz, has acquired a majority stake in Verdel Groep. Bas Verdel emphasizes that they will continue to operate independently. “The management of Verdel continues to be carried out by the family and the name is maintained. We see this as a collaboration and will benefit from each other’s strengths.”

    The Verdel Groep expects that through this affiliation with the FM Group, they will be able to expand more easily and that their customers will be able to serve their customers better. FM Group now has a majority stake in the company, but Verdel will keep its own character. “Of course, coordination is needed, but we will continue to operate independently. Our name will remain and the people will continue to work for Verdel. We really see it as a far-reaching collaboration from a vision, and we benefit from each other’s strengths. ”

    Hubs in Germany

    FM Group has a head start on digitalization and they have several hubs in Germany. Verdel indicates that this makes it easier for them to achieve growth in Germany. “We also have hubs there, but to realise expansion we should open more branches. To make that profitable you need more volume. Now we can use each other’s locations and volume ”, he gives as an example.

    On the other hand, FM Group expects to be able to gain more retail experience through this collaboration. The Verdel Group has its own bouquet shop and this will be the central bouquet department for the FM Group.

    Verdel Bloemenexport has a turnover of approximately 50 million euros per year and is mainly active in retail. FM Group has an annual turnover of 500 million euros.

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