Flemish agapanthus grower Tim Wyckstandt: ‘Plenty of room to improve’

    Although Flemish agapanthus grower Tim Wyckstandt (28) has only been in the trade for six years, he’s already working on several promising varieties. “I’ve got a few that are better than the current varieties on the market”, says the confident Fleming. The distribution is managed by Van Vliet New Plants.

    Things are quiet at the agapanthus nursery in the East Flemish town of Aalter, where this summer flower blooms from mid-June until August. “95 percent of the plants are already sold before June. The plants that you see here now are the ones that I kept for the Open House weekends that we organise during the summer months. People come from all over Belgium to visit our company”, reports 28-year-old manager Tim Wyckstandt.

    The young entrepreneur, who completed his horticultural studies in Melle, also has his predecessor Maurice Vergote to thank for his fame among Belgian agapanthus enthusiasts. Vergote started working on his impressive collection of agapanthuses in the nineties. “Maurice brought promising varieties from all over Europe to Belgium. His breeding activities focused on the deciduous types in particular.” (..)

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