High-tech companies in Japan discover horticulture

    The horticultural sector in Japan has always consisted of traditional, small-scale companies. Slowly but surely, this is now changing. Large multinationals are developing an interest in the agricultural sector. Especially in the food crop horticulture. The floriculture segment remains small.

    Two recent episodes of Jungle Talk in the World on Paprika Tasty Radio focused on the Japanese horticulture sector. The term small-scale was mentioned. For a long time, the government didn’t allow multinationals to engage in agricultural activities. What’s more, land used to be expensive, and food and flowers have always been good money-making activities.

    The agricultural sector has always consisted of many small, traditional companies. The companies were run by Japanese office workers, among others, who’d be working at the office during the week and the paddy fields on the weekend. With an average age of 69 years, the growers were relatively old. Japanese growers would often not take over their parents’ nursery until they retired (at age 60). But in recent years, things have started to change. When it comes to vegetable cultivation anyway. Within the floriculture segment, small-scale is still the norm. (..)

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