Floribusiness Culture Killing weeds with 1,000 bar water pressure

    Killing weeds with 1,000 bar water pressure


    No mechanical or chemical weed control, but using high pressure water. That’s how a new innovation in nursery industry works.

    The innovation is called Grasskiller, but it will destruct more than grass: every weed that it encounters. It’s a machine developed by German manufacturer Dröppelmann. It was introduced at Baumschultechnik 2019 in Northern Germany.

    The machine uses just cold water at maximum 1,000 bar pressure. ’No hot water, because it costs extra energy’, said Thomas Dröppelmann at the international nursery machinery show. Read about this innovation and other new nursery equipment in our new digital magazine.

    Photo by Arno Engels

    Arno Engels
    Arno Engels is sinds 2000 vakredacteur bij De Boomkwekerij. Hij is opgegroeid in de sector en heeft op verschillende boomkwekerijen in binnen- en buitenland gewerkt.

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