Rhododendron still important in German Ammerland region

    The northern German Ammerland region has always had a stable rhododendron production. Some nurseries, mostly smaller and the odd larger, are closing. However, at the same time, marketing efforts create an interest in rhododendron among the younger generation. All in all, the market continues to stay on track.

    Ammerland has been associated with rhododendron for a long time. The region has several large rhododendron parks that are well-known tourist attractions. And it seems like rhododendron still holds a strong position within the tree nursery sector in the region, too.“

    All our local tree growers learned how to grow rhododendron when they were little. That’s just the way it was here”, says Sebastian Heinje of Heinje Baumschulen. He feels that rhododendron might be the most important plant for the region. “We grow the highest quality rhododendrons. It’s a beautiful, structural plant; evergreen, hardy and it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide.” (..)

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