Floribusiness Corona UK growers: ’Buy garden plants now’

    UK growers: ’Buy garden plants now’


    Young UK growers are calling the UK public, through social media, to buy garden plants now regarding corona measures.

    On Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn the message ’Keep calm and get ready to garden’ is being spread. The promotional call is initiated by the Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA). ’Now is the time to promote gardening as the ultimate isolation hobby’, said Natalie Porter (Porters Fuchsia) last Monday to Horticulture Week. She is one of the founders of the YPHA beginning of this year.

    Adviced to stay at home

    Last Monday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised the British people to avoid pubs, clubs and restaurants. Furthermore, the people are advised to stay at home as much as possible. The YPHA therefore expects more people to start gardening. Garden centres and other retailers selling garden products are being stocked up for the time being, also with plants from the Netherlands, Dutch supplier Royal Lemkes told Dutch nursery magazine De Boomkwekerij on Monday. Garden centres in France are closed since that day. ’Gardening is good for our health’, said Porter. ’It is better to stock up on garden plants than toilet paper.’

    Image by YPHA

    Arno Engels
    Arno Engels is sinds 2000 vakredacteur bij De Boomkwekerij. Hij is opgegroeid in de sector en heeft op verschillende boomkwekerijen in binnen- en buitenland gewerkt.

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