Floribusiness Blogs We’re working hard to get plants and flowers top-of-mind

    We’re working hard to get plants and flowers top-of-mind


    Within our marvellous industry, we all share a joint responsibility for a continuous investment in employee development, while attracting new talent at the same time. This can be hard at times, because our industry isn’t always top-of-mind, especially not among job seeking young professionals. That’s why Dutch Flower Group launched a few initiatives which will contribute to the ongoing investment in human capital and enhance the image of our industry.

    I am very happy with the recent initiatives. We can call ourselves founding father and participant of the brand new World Horti Center, based in the heart of the Westland region. A truly inspiring place, where students interested in horticulture and business studies meet on a daily basis. This link will be strengthened further by another initiative: Horti Heroes. This start-up will be bringing together young talent to help build the future of our industry. We’re founding father of this initiative, too.

    A third, prominent project will start soon in Aalsmeer: Floriworld. An innovative concept that will allow international consumers to experience all positive effects of plants and flowers for themselves. The recently reorganised Flower Council of Holland will be responsible for both content and implementation. We’re involved in this project, too. This is how we, together with many partners in the chain, underline the importance of a positive, innovative positioning of our colourful industry.

    Internal initiatives within DFG are now also leading to concrete actions with regards to our programme for long-term employability. For example in the form of more attention for health, both at work and outside work, which includes an initiative called Health Weeks and various sports and leisure programmes. I support these initiatives as much as the industry initiatives. Because in my opinion, the combination of experienced employees on one hand and attracting new talent on the other, is the best basis for a growing company.

    Together we’re working hard to get plants and flowers top-of-mind. Not only in our marketing activities aimed at consumers, but more and more also as an employer for talents from outside the sector. Hence my appeal: take part in new initiatives to ensure that we all contribute to a sustainable future for our wonderful industry.

    Marco van Zijverden,

    CEO Dutch Flower Group

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