‘Cultivation of cut flowers could shift abroad’

    Last year, Rabobank published the World Floriculture Map. In this document, the bank stated that the Dutch share in global cut flower exports would drop from 46% to 40% by 2025. But how does Rabobank view the future international position of Dutch cut flowers, now that the sector is facing extremely high energy costs?

    In its World Floriculture Map, Rabobank outlined the international production areas, as well as the import and export flows of cut flowers and potted plants. The bank concluded that the Dutch share in global cut-flower exports would drop from 46% in 2021 to 40% by 2025. (..)

    Utrecht, Netherlands – February 19, 2020: Rabobank World Headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands. Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company. Photo Shutterstock.

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