Dutch energy crisis offers opportunities to Kenyan and South-American rose growers

    Next winter, several Dutch rose greenhouses will no longer be heated due to the high energy prices. Discussions at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen revealed that the energy crisis has reinforced the competitive position of foreign rose producers, particularly from Kenya and Ecuador. But they too face challenges.

    Annual production of Dutch roses is estimated to be 5-10% lower in 2023 compared to 2022. Especially in the first quarter, fewer stems will be supplied, according to the Rabo barometer for horticulture. While red roses may still be lit because sales are high around Valentine’s Day, white roses are left unheated more often because they sell relatively better in summer.

    “I wish you all the best,” says Clement Tulezi, CEO of Kenya Flower Council, which represents 80% of the Kenyan sector and represents the interests of Kenya’s flower industry, “but the Dutch energy problem is a blessing for Kenya.” It is warmer there, inflation is lower (9.6% in October 2022), production costs are relatively low and labour is cheaper. And there are no complaints about transport costs. “It’s the business as a whole that counts. In that respect, Kenya is more competitive.” (..)

    Clement Tulezi, CEO Kenyan Flower Council

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