First Global Orchid Event

    Global Orchid Growers (GOG) organizes the first virtual Global Orchid Event. The event is organized by 10 leading Phalaenopsis producers. They represent 7 countries and 5 continents. The event will take place on July 8, 2021 from 15.30 until 17.30 CEST. The Global Orchid Event is being facilitated by Jungle Talks.

    Jungle Talks invites peer producers, breeders, propagators and other interested professionals from the floricultural sector and beyond to discuss the latest trends and developments.

    The Event will kick off with a keynote presentation of Ruud Koornstra (coordinator SDG 7 alliance) about the energy transition followed by 4 parallel sessions:

    Autonomous Growth

    – Simone Keijzer, founder and CEO of Gearbox Innovations.

    – Frans Peter Dechering, co-founder Corvus Drones.


    – Menno Gobielje, plant specialist floriculture at Signify.

    – Arno Wartewig, founder and owner of Orance.

    International Branding

    – Jasper Claus, founder and creative director at 1Camera.

    – Marta Maria Garcia, retail director at Dümmen Orange (tbc).

    Future Business Models

    – Nick Houshower, principal at private equity fund Equilibrium.

    – Lennard Toma, sparking wisdom at KeytoeY.

    The Global Orchid Growers is an international group of Phalaenopsis growers that regularly share knowledge and experience and meet once a year on a different continent.

    The group consists of the following renowned Phalaenopsis producers: Ter Laak Orchids, OK Plant, Piko Plant, Gartneriet Rønbæk A/S, Ocean Orchids, LVG Plants, Westerlay Orchids, CosMic Plants, Ecoflora, Royal Base Group.

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