Green Circle Growers announces largest expansion in company history

    Green Circle Growers is announcing its largest physical and employment expansion in the company’s 50+ year history. The growth will result in 250 new jobs and 30 additional acres of greenhouse space. Green Circle Growers is a leading producer in the $18 billion floriculture market and one of the largest greenhouse operations in North America,

    “The expansion will drive sales through an improved customer experience and accommodate our vision to ‘have a Green Circle Growers’ plant in the line of sight of every consumer in North America,’” said C.J. van Wingerden, Green Circle Growers Co-Chief Executive Officer.

    Van Wingerden: “The growth will result in more than 250 new jobs, many of which will be at the executive level, including a mix of operations, IT, senior leadership, administrative, management and more; bringing our total local workforce to over 1,150.  The jobs will be at Green Circle Growers and our related companies, Express Seed and Fresh2U Transportation & Logistics.”

    Thirty acres of greenhouse space will be added to the 120 acres already in place. The 3 ½-year project also includes a substantial investment in expanding the main campus office, a new distribution center, and major infrastructure upgrades, all of which will add to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual property taxes Green Circle pays on existing permanent buildings on the company’s campus, having a significant regional impact to cities and schools.

    Specifically, the expansion will include:

    A substantial commitment to innovative, sustainable growing practices –including rainwater conservation, tray recycling and wood-fired boiler systems powered by scrap wood from local communities.

    Infrastructure improvements, including a natural gas pipeline extension and electric substation to create the energy sources that enable the growing operational demands while also providing efficient, clean energy.

    Innovative and sophisticated plant management software and automation to constantly track growing data and maximize yield.

    A state-of-the-art distribution center that will optimize logistics and serve as the hub of distribution for the North American market.

    Improved and expanded offices – doubling the current capacity with an eye toward further expansion – to support planned headcount increases and equip employees and visiting customers to be maximally productive and effective.

    About Green Circle Growers, Inc.

    Green Circle Growers is one of the largest greenhouses in North America with over 120 acres of indoor growing space. With more than 50 years in business, Green Circle Growers is a family-owned business located in Oberlin, Ohio. The company has a continuously expanding portfolio of indoor plants, including seasonal crops, tropicals, foliage, and succulents, providing a scalable, reliable source of product for retail partners year-round. Green Circle Growers’ portfolio of brands includes Wild Interiors and Just Add Ice Orchids.

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