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    The seventeenth edition of FlowerTrials was coming up, but Covid-19 put a spanner in the works. This year will be the first time that the event doesn’t take place in week 24. Several of the 62 participants have found alternative ways to present their new assortment. Among many other articles you can read all about it in the new Floribusiness magazine.

    The new Floribusiness magazine has a strong focus on FlowerTrials. In an interview chairman Norman Cools shares his vision on FlowerTrials. He expects that the next edition will be bigger than ever.

    FlowerTrials or no FlowerTrails, developments in pot- and bedding plants breeding go on. Some breeders seems to have a strong focus on heat-resistant and drought -tolerant varieties. Raymond Evison Clematis and The Beijing Florascape Company have a partnership on clematis breeding. Andy De Wet from South Africa is very successful in breeding agapanthus. Among other articles, interviews, company reports, columns and analyses concerning global floriculture, you can read all about it on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

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    Photo by De Wet Plant Breeders

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