‘A resilient industry creating a new path for the future’

It is always amazing to see the resilience of our industry.  I suppose we are used to operating in a difficult market with good years and bad years.  We are used to managing the weather and recessions but this year we were hit with something that none of us had managed before.  But, after the initial shock caused by COVID-19 lockdowns, this resilient industry and the skilled operators within it, have focused their attention on stabilising their businesses and moving forward positively.

Of course, there has been damage along the way.  There are businesses that won’t pull through this and there are others which may take years to recover.  But there are also businesses that have had strong sales this year and some will say they have never had it so good.  So, it is a real mixed bag.

Our attention now, in AIPH, is how we move forwards, how we all learn the lessons and how we can create an even stronger industry for the future.  We are organising a conference for everyone in our industry and we are calling it ‘Recovery from crisis – the future for ornamentals’.

It will be on 15 September and you are invited.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel anywhere and it won’t break the bank to attend!  Like many events this year it will be virtual and online.  But we have tried to take the online experience to a whole new level; it will be in 3D. You will have your own avatar and you can speak with other delegates just like at a normal conference.  I am excited about our adventure into this ground-breaking technology so please join us for the experience.

But aside from the novelty factor there are much bigger reasons to be there.  We have lined up top industry speakers to share their experiences.  There will be panel sessions and most importantly we want to identify a clear plan for the future of ornamentals.  Just click here to see the details and register.

I believe we all have a unique opportunity now to create a new future.  Millions of people have a renewed desire to make their homes and gardens more beautiful.  Cities need to create more space for people and society will be even more focused on healthy living.  Our industry supplies the product that meets these needs.  Let’s not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide new consumers with what they are looking for.

Bernard Oosterom,

President AIPH

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