Floribusiness Market & Trends All EU flowers to the United Kingdom taxed at 8%

All EU flowers to the United Kingdom taxed at 8%


If the European Union and the United Kingdom do not agree on a new trade agreement, the UK will tax all flowers from the EU with 8%.

There was some confusion about the UK Global Tariffs. These are the import tariffs that the British have set from 1 January 2021 on products from the EU. The UK Global Tariffs apply if the UK and the EU fail to reach a trade agreement in time. Does the UK tax all EU flowers or are some flowers excluded?

The British government state that for flowers from the EU, which bear the code 06 03 19 70, an import tariff of 8% will apply if there is a Brexit without an agreement. Rose, carnation, orchid, gladiolus, ranunculus, chrysanthemum and lily are excluded. However, this does not mean that the British do not tax these excluded flowers. These flowers have different commodity codes. A closer look at the table shows that the British also tax these ‘excluded flowers’ with an import tariff of 8%.

Flowering and green houseplants, outdoor plants, trees and shrubs from the EU are not taxed by the UK with an import tax.

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