Bakker becomes an online platform for green products

    Mid-May will be back in business. The mail order company will work closely with other online trading companies and retailers.

    A group of Dutch investors and entrepeneurs is restarting the bankrupt company. They have an extensive knowledge of e-commerce, marketing, sales and distribution.

    Martijn van Scherpenzeel (Globitas and founder of Fiber Netherlands) set up the restart. Erwin van Cooth becomes the new CEO of Previously he was managing the home, garden & DIY devision at Wehkamp, another big Dutch mail order company for consumer products.

    Together they will transform into a platform for green products that other companies can use for their online trade.

    A group of employees also becomes co-owner of According to the new CEO, suppliers (like nurserymen) will also be more closely involved with the new company.

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