Canada allows host plants longhorned beetles again

After years, some EU countries are allowed to export host plants of Asian and citrus longhorned beetle to Canada again.

The Canadian authorities have published a final notice, which means the export of several host plants of citrus longhorned beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) and Asian longhorned beetle (A. glabripennis) thicker than 10 mm may continue. It concerns a wide range of ornamental trees, fruit trees and plants including Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, ALB’s favorite host plant).

Over the last years plants thicker than 10 mm were forbidden in both Canada and the US. The ban was followed after outbreaks of ALB and CLB in the EU territory. The beetles came to the EU with host plant shipments (ALB) and packaging material (CLB) from Asia.

From now on, Canada allows host plants from EU member states when they have been declared free from ALB and CLB. These countries include the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and the UK.

The American authorities are working together with the Canadians on this subject. ’At this moment we are waiting for the US final notice’, said Caroline Berenschot Feitel of the Dutch embassy in Washington DC. ’Hopefully it will be published soon.’

Photo by Arno Engels

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