Floribusiness Blogs CEO Marco van Zijverden is proud of the Dutch Flower Group family

CEO Marco van Zijverden is proud of the Dutch Flower Group family


A few weeks ago, I got a wonderful surprise: Dutch Flower Group was awarded Family Business of the Year. Last February, I was still calling on people to take part in initiatives that help put our sector on the map, and there I was, on the stage myself. Receiving this fantastic Family Business Award. Awarded for our collaboration efforts rooted in a strong family culture and also for the way in which we give concrete expression to sustainability.

There was a lot of publicity around this award, even on national TV. At times like these, it becomes clear how popular plants and flowers are with the general public. Great – not just for me or Dutch Flower Group, but for our entire sector. A magnificent acknowledgment for our company, our employees, for the growers, customers and other chain partners, all of whom make it possible for us to connect consumers somewhere in the world, every day of the week.

It reminded me of the core of what we’re all working towards on a daily basis. The principle of family culture, which was considered old-fashioned ten years ago, turns out to be an important driver for joint success today and in the future. A culture in which values are important, collaboration comes first, people are forward-looking and family expansion forms the basis for joint, continued growth.

We’ve seen this idea of joint growth materialise again recently. DFG’s first cross-Atlantic endeavour consists of a collaboration with an American bouquet company that supplies to large retail stores. We also began a few strategic collaborations with product group specialists. I’m very pleased with these expansions and with the way in which we’re working together in particular.

As a sector, we shouldn’t forget that we all depend on each other. And that at the end of the day, it’s all about people. The people who grow beautiful products every day, with passion and enthusiasm, who process them into bouquets or plant arrangements and who ensure that they end up on the table of a happy consumer, in perfect condition, somewhere in the world. That’s our joint effort.

And that’s why I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all readers for their contribution. I am really proud of our sector. Proud of our family.

Marco van Zijverden

CEO Dutch Flower Group

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