Clematis wins top award at new variety show

A new clematis has scooped the top award at Garden Trails and Trade, the international show for new varieties in Dutch nursery area Boskoop.

Clematis Multi Pink (’ST17333’) was the best out of 19 new varieties, according to the jury of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society (KBVC). Multi Pink was presented by Van der Starre. The nursery in Boskoop found the new clematis as a sport in ’Hagley Hybrid’, one of the best know clematis in the world. ’Multi Pink offers an unique combination of flowers and colour’, was the final judgement. ’An outstanding and renewing introduction in the clematis range.’

Multi Pink won a golden medal, as well as Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Evolution (’Hocomagicevo’) from Kolster in Boskoop. This hydrangea is a sport of ’Hokomarevo’ but has bigger and deeper pink flowers.

Garden Trials and Trade will be held until 13 June 2019 in the Plantarium building in Boskoop.

Photo by Garden Trials and Trade

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