Colour, Fragrance, Digital and Demo at World of Flowers

    During the World of Flowers 2017 at IFTF on the IFTF 2017 – International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fairin Vijfhuizen (8-10 November 2017, the Netherlands) various workshops and presentations will be given for the visitor.

    What’s the value of colours? How do you tempt the customer by using fragrance? How can you ensure you are a winner in the digital future? And as an extra highlight a floral demonstration by Sören van Laer, the number 9 of the Florint Europacup in Genoa in 2016.

    Michael Bourguignon kicks off on Wednesday afternoon with the workshop “How not to be the 8/10 closures of digital e-commerce”, in which he will talk from his own experience as a florist in Madrid about digital opportunities and failures.

    After this Mignon Kievit will tell about the impact of colours throughout the years and the use of colours in her work as a designer and stylist. Both will be in the program on Thursday as well. Furthermore Peter Hampel, “der Duftnase” will let the participants feel the unique experience with fragrances.


    Thursday afternoon Van Laer Sören will give a demonstration of about 1,5 hours, followed by the award ceremony of the Wim Hazelaar trofee 8-9 november 2017. Despite the fact that this freelance floral artist is only 25 years old, he can be seen as experienced. In 2016 he represented Belgium during the Europacup in Genoa, organised by International Florist Organisation FLORINT.ORG with surprising and refreshing work. This month he was also competing in the Eurofleurs 2017 – European Championship for Young Florists competition in St Truiden in Belgium.

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