Colourful Gardens is for sale

The decision is made. Colourful Gardens is for sale. After having grown potted plants in Canada for more than 20 years, it is now time to start something new.

It took about 5 years before I could say that the period of daily care for the company and the plants in the greenhouse was coming to an end. Then came the process of searching for the best suitable form. After all, we have invested 30 years in growing plants and building the company. Since 2003 we have invested a lot of time, attention and money in the cultivation and market of Bromeliads. We don’t want to let that go just like that.

So, when Mats and Estelle approached us to work with us for various reasons, I saw that as an opportunity to continue the business. However, eventually they went their own way and we started looking for the most suitable solution. Hiring a manager; renting out; selling; all options were discussed.

We have always had the desire to run a relatively small family business. No full-time staff, a few part-time employees, and otherwise we do everything ourselves; greenhouse production work, planning, purchasing, sales, administration.

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