Floribusiness DFG awards to De Haas Calla’s, Oriental Group and Nini Flowers

    DFG awards to De Haas Calla’s, Oriental Group and Nini Flowers


    This is now the 16th time Dutch Flower Group has put its supply chain partners in the spotlight via the Dutch Flower Awards. These distinctions were awarded for the categories of Cut Flowers, Plants and Foreign Growers. De Haas Calla’s (Zantedeschia, Helleborus) from De Lier was named winner of the Cut Flowers category.

    For Plants, the award went to Oriental Growers (products include Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo and Cactus) from Bleiswijk. Nini Flowers (Roses) based in Naivasha, Kenya, was announced winner of the Foreign Growers category. Preferred Partner Recognition Following the presentation of the Awards, logistics partner De Winter Logistics was declared as this year’s selection for the Preferred Partner Recognition.

    Marco van Zijverden, CEO of Dutch Flower Group (DFG), announced the winners of the 2017 Dutch Flower Awards at the DFG stand during the RFH Trade Fair.

    In his speech, Marco van Zijverden reported that digitalisation, the theme of this year’s Dutch Flower Awards, has now been achieved within Dutch Flower Group and among many ranks of the horticultural sector. He also gave an explanation about the Blueroots digital platform initiative. With regard to DFG’s turnover, Marco reported this is expected to reach €1.5 billion this year, up more than 8% from 2016.

    For 2018, in addition to further digitalisation, there will be a push to strengthen market position through intensified customer relationships, collaboration with growers and suppliers and further efficiency efforts, with technology playing a leading role.

    DFG is a global family of specialised trading businesses. Together, they lead the way in import, export, trading and market development of cut flowers, bouquets, plants and decorative foliage.

    In 2016, Dutch Flower Group had 2,330 employees and turned over approx. € 1.4 billion worldwide in 60 countries.

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