Drougth in Kenya drives Primarosa out of Athi River

    Primarosa Flower Limited has moved all its operations to its Nyahururu firm even as it projects a 20 percent growth year on year.

    According to the company’s Chief Executive, Virag Joshi, the move has been influenced by the recent drought situation that has seen the company suffer from acute water shortage, thus increasing the operational expenditure of buying water to sustain production of roses.

    “By end of April, we will be moving our Athi-River operations to Nyahururu as a result of the recent drought that has witnessed an increase in the spend on water since it is very crucial for the production of our roses. Moving to our Nyahururu farm will, therefore, enable us to increase our production by over 20 percent because of the favourable climatic conditions necessary for growing roses, “said Joshi.

    The company says the farm’s water reservoir in Athi River has been completely depleted.

    For the last few months, the company has been sustaining the flower farm by purchasing borehole water to sustain the production. The company has been operating on its six reservoirs and underground tanks combining a collection capacity of over 380 cubic meters of water which is now exhausted.

    “However, the borehole water poses a threat to the quality and quantity of flowers being produced, risking our sustainability as expenses rise towards tedious water fetching and transportation processes,” said Joshi.

    Meanwhile, as part of its expansion plan, Primarosa will also be looking at new farms around Nyahururu to increase its current export of over 100 million roses which is achievable due to favourable weather conditions, around the region.

    Joshi said that the company will not be laying off any of its staff during the transition process to Nyahururu:

    “We adequately gave a one-month notice to our staff in March, informing them about the relocation of our operations to Nyahururu. None of them will be layed off. Those who will voluntarily not move with us will be sufficiently compensated according to the terms of their contracts.”

    He also stated that the company requires more employees during this expansion process and that more people will have an opportunity to earn a livelihood as the company progresses towards growth and expansion.

    “We are currently employing over 1500 employees in all our farms and with this expansion process, we will employ another 20 percent.”

    Source: AllAfrica.com

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