FleuroStar Winner Begonia Aroma Peach doubles cutting production

After winning FleuroStar last June, breeder Dümmen Orange has doubled the sales forecast and upscaled the cutting production of Begonia Aroma Peach, accordingly to meet the high industry demand.

Alexander van der Kaaij, Senior Product Manager Bed & Balcony at Dümmen Orange: “In addition to upscaling our production, we have also invested time and energy into bringing the fragrance story across at point of sale level by inviting retailers to visit our gardens and smell the sweet scent of this wonderful winner themselves. Meanwhile, our sales numbers continue to go up. I am predicting a very successful season for I’CONIA Aroma Peach and I am looking forward to seeing our winner display in the Fleuroselect booth at the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer.”

DIY video

To accompany the go-to-market strategy of the FleuroStar winner and support distributors at retail level, Fleuroselect and Dümmen Orange have jointly created a DIY-video. Its function is double: on the one hand, florists and garden centers can use it as inspiration for an original store presentation or local workshop. On the other hand the marketing teams of garden centers or DIY-chains can use this video to promote Aroma Peach via their websites and social media channels.

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