FM Group and Hilverda De Boer are merging

FM Group and Hilverda De Boer are merging. Both trading companies operate worldwide. With a strategic merger they want to continue to be an attractive trading partner for preferred suppliers and other suppliers. National and international.

According to the CEO’s of FM Group and Hilverda de Boer the merger combination provides an even stronger, more prosperous future perspective for customers and employees. This creates a solid platform for further growth, on which the merged company wants to actively continue.

Business functions will only be integrated in those places where it is necessary in terms of scale. This means that both companies will not only retain their existing brands, but also their independent flower purchasing and sales functions. Each with their own assortment, day trade and stock policy. They will analyze where it makes sense to combine direct flows and internal and external services.

Both managements expect to formally complete the merger in the third quarter of this year.

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